Born in India, (Dada) Acharya Vimalananda-ji renounced in 1971 in favor of an active social life and finally became a monk of the Ananda Marga mission in 1978. He  learned fresh concepts in philosophy, science, economics, a new science of Microvitum, sociology and ethics applicable to the post-modern future generations of humanity directly from his Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti-ji (P.R. Sarkar). He has traveled extensively lecturing and giving seminars in numerous countries on all continents since 1979. He spent some of those years compiling Sarkar’s lectures. He also guides yoga teachers and helps individuals learn to meditate on pure consciousness.

Acharya Vimalananda-ji shares from 40 years of his austere spiritual life while shedding light on topics related to Spirituality, Neohumanism, Biopsychology, Microvita, Economic Democracy and PROUT.

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